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Welcome to our website, you probably were referred here by one of our patients.  Who has experienced Neurostructural spinal care with Dr. Johanna.

Located in Nashua New Hampshire, right on the Massachusetts border. While we serve the Nashua community, we have patients that travel from Boston and from Manchester to see Dr. Johanna.

Catalyst Chiropractic’s goal is identify for you whether your spine is normal and functioning at its best, or whether your spine’s structure and function is compromised by a Neurostructural shift.

At Catalyst Chiropractic a consultation is a conversation, not a commitment.  Call or email today to schedule your complementary consultation.


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Sep 222016

706032_10151106238146853_349644133_oWelcome Autumn!  The leaves are changing, the nights are colder, and Catalyst Chiropractic is giving back to the community. From now until October 31st, $25 of every new patient exam will be donated to the Nashua Humane Society, or Liberty House (patients choice of course).



We’ve got a team together for the Walk for Whiskers on October 29th. Fall is a great time for outdoor walks, and Mines Falls Park will be ablaze with colorful leaves, come out and join us.  Wear a fun costume, and help animals in need.



lib_logoIn the office we are once again collecting donations until the end of October to help local veterans, here is the current wishlist. Liberty House, is a sober assistance home for Veterans located in Manchester, NH. Liberty House has 10 residential beds in their transitional facility. Along with housing, they also support veterans in the community with employment/housing assistance, case management, agency referrals, a food pantry and supplies for those veterans still homeless.

12096098_10152999129826853_5959565222983524873_nWith falling leaves comes raking or wearing heavy leaf blowers. A neurostructural shift can make it difficult to enjoy the weather after all the chores are done. Call the office today to schedule your complementary consultation and help out a good cause.



Pictures are of our sons Hal and Jack from various years enjoying fall.

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Sep 122016

vote-1278871_640Reminder:  The office will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 12th.  Dr. Johanna is Nashua’s Ward 8 Clerk and she’ll be helping oversee the Bicentennial Polling location.

Tuesday is the NH state primary.  This election helps decides who represents each party for many of the local positions such as Governor.

Nashua Residents, Where do I vote?

All other NH Residents.

Don’t forget your ID and remember you can register to vote at the polls.

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Jul 052016

One of the common comments we hear at Catalyst Chiropractic, is reports of an increased speed of recovery. After a month of care, people have excitedly announced that they were bouncing back from exertion faster.  They had worked out in the yard the day before, or pushed hard to reach a new goal at the gym, and they had expected a morning filled with pain and uncomfortable moments.  Upon waking up, they felt only minimal discomfort and had no stiffness in their limbs.  The only thing that had changed in their routine, was adding Chiropractic to their life.  In the weeks since, they’ve continued to have these results and have been able to push themselves harder and farther than before.

One patient told us about volunteering at a charity event.  They had walked 3-4 times as many steps as they normally do.  And that the year before when they volunteered, they took 3 days to recover from the exertion.  This year, they were able to get out and do some much needed yard work the next day. lawn-mower-938555_1920

What if you could do more with your day?  What if what once tired you out, was now only a milestone that you passed by and kept going?  Does you spouse need Sunday to recover from a Saturday of yard work?  Bring your loved ones in Month has begun! For the month of July we are giving back by donating $25, of every new patient exam fee, to the Nashua Boys and Girls club to help local children have a fun summer.

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Jul 012016

NSK-01-Full_Logo_4There is a sign on Rte 3 Northbound, for Historic Holman Stadium.  I’ve driven by it so many times, that in my minds eye it has taken the place of the exit ramp sign.  Now that I’ve seen the Nashua Silver Knights play a few games at Holman Stadium I’ve found our new family fun activity.   I’m a big baseball fan, I grew up watching it, and my kids are growing up watching it.  Thanks to a Nashua Chamber of Commerce Mixer, I met the staff of the Silver Knights and my baseball world expanded.  Holman stadium and the Silver Knights offer a great time, at a great price, and in a great venue.


Parking is free, and only a short walk from the main gate.  I repeat, parking is free.  You did not imagine that, parking is free.  Lets see any other major sporting venue have that as a perk.  You could walk to the stadium from downtown if you wanted to though.  For folks not familiar with how baseball games operate, be careful how close you park to the 3rd base foul line or make sure that you have full glass coverage.  We haven’t seen any cars get hit, most likely due to the treeline at the edge of the stadium. But foul balls happen, and the 3rd base side is prime territory to pick up a souvenir of the game.


Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. If you decide at last minute to attend make sure you check what special event is going on at the park that day, because you might be able to get a discounted ticket.  Speaking of last minute, don’t worry about seats, you’ll have good seats, all the seats are good. There isn’t an overhanging roof or upper deck seats needing support columns that block your view.  This also allows for a lovely breeze on warm evenings. Every Sunday the Silver Knights accept canned goods for a local soup kitchen and you’ll get a reduced ticket price for your donation.  Wednesday night games, children get in free with a kids club card.

When you walk into the park, take a moment to read some of the many plaques about the parks history.  You may be surprised by some of the history that is here in downtown Nashua.

Activities for children13304971_10153420015821853_6976531014688122351_o

Do your kids have a hard time sitting still for nine innings of baseball (Because I know mine do.)?  Get to the game before the first pitch, there’s a booth at the gate where the kids can sign up for games on the field between the innings.  Duck toss, water balloon baseball, and even running on the field during the game.  Many of the games are played with the members of the Silver Knights team and the staff.  A really great personable friendly bunch including the in game announcer, Jimmy Football. Speaking of running the bases, the kids get to do that at the end of every home game.  How cool is that?  Best way to prepare is when the Silver Knights are winning, go to the 3rd base field entrance around the 1st out at the top of the ninth.

Other entertainment 

Do you like fireworks?  Well after every Friday night home game, there are fireworks.  Not a few pops that sparkle, but a full scale fireworks show.

Cowbells!  There is a spectator that has sat at the back of section 103 near section 104 at every game I have been too.  He is selling cowbells for charity.  The cowbells are $8 and fun to ring.  Or in the case of small children great for teaching when to cheer and not to cheer during a baseball game (Note, not for the visiting team).

Jack and Hal with Kendall Reyes

Jack wanted to go to a football that night, not a baseball game. Meeting Kendall Reyes made everything OK.

Local celebrities and giveaways.  Last Wednesday Kendall Reyes of the Washington Redskins was there to throw out the first pitch and sign giveaway bobble heads.  Kendall grew up in Nashua and played for Nashua North.  According to articles on the internet he spends time in Nashua during the off season and does work to promote the Boys and Girls Club where he spent time as a youth.  Interestingly enough Catalyst Chiropractic started a promotion at the end of June, and  $25 of all new patient exam fees will be donated to the Nashua Boys and Girls club.

Other little tips

Pick up the $1 program at the merchandise stand as you walk in.  It is always interesting to see which college the players attend, and where they grew up.  The league has rules about what percentage of its players need to be from New England schools.  Plus its always fun to find out a kid from your home town is playing ball on the field.

On Wednesday hot dogs are $1, which is half price.  If you were paying attention the flyers in your mail box, you may have gotten a coupon for 2 for 1 hot dogs.

The Silver Knights Kids Club gets kids a discount on merchandise and free entry on Wednesdays. Youth t-shirts are only $10 before discount.

It’s always a challenge taking two small kids to a public restroom, especially at a sporting event.  Holman Stadium has two clearly marked, accessible rest rooms right on the main concourse.  Clean, well lit, and not far from the field, so you don’t miss any of the game.

Many foul balls go out around the back of section 208 and 201.  Expect half way through the game a small collection of children will be there chasing after the balls.

Non-peak nights, private air conditioned boxes are $150.  Find 15 friends and for $10 each you get unlimited soda and popcorn. Plus access to the full menu of concessions (for additional charges of course).13507163_10153451598681853_5211873458519175548_n

Sterling the mascot is often walking the park high-fiving children and posing for pictures.

The Silver Knights can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

Sometime mid game, and I can’t remember when they have everyone get up and do some kind of dance that at first reminded me of the tomahawk chop from the Atlanta Braves games.  Anyone want to clue me into this ritual?  We’re still a bit baffled by it.

Holman Stadium has a long history with Nashua, and the Silver Knights are working to build a great relationship with the community.  We’ll see you at the game.

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May 132016

runner-805392_1280Last night as I was out on my run, I noticed several people out doing run walk intervals.  My best guess by watching is many of them are out starting a running routine. Honestly I am as well as it has been too long since I got outside and ran with any regularity.

Years ago when I first started running I wrote a blog about that experience, now I’m starting with a new perspective.  I know I can run a 10K.  I know that with training, a half marathon or more is within my reach.   All it takes is consistency and in my case, to not hide inside when the weather gets cold.

Just as I love data in my office to track the improvements of my patients.  I love to keep my run stats, that way I can see my improvements, not to mention it keeps me honest about how well I am sticking to my running schedule.  These are several of the apps that I use  or have used in the past.


Nike Plus: This is my primary run only state tracker with GPS.  I use this to track running only.  I start this app after my warm up walking.  It will run through out the an entire running session even if I am doing intervals of running and walking.  This gives me an idea of my race speed.

RunKeeper:  I love this app for all types of exercise stats.  I use this to from the start of the workout warm up to the end of the cool down.  It lets me know my total distance. I’ll use this app when going for walks and for hiking.  Several of my friends use this app as well, so it’s nice to “like” my friends workouts and encourage them.

RoadID: This is a safety app, it doesn’t keep a map or track anything once it is closed.  What it does is GPS track where I am, and send a link to my husband that is updated in real time.  I use this in case the worse happens and I’m hit by a car.  The app will alert him if I stop moving more than 5 mins and it gives him a good idea of where to start looking.  Alternatively, if I run a race it lets my friends know where I am so they can meet up and cheer me on.

CharityMiles: I recently discovered this one.  You can select a charity, and money is donated to them each time you run.  There is a similar app called Wooftrax that donates to the animal shelter that you select.

C25K Free: I like the couch to 5K training plan in this program and that I can have it in the background and it will alert me to when I need to change from running to walking.

Zombies 5K: When I first started years ago, this was the app I used.  It has longer workouts than C25K but also had an interesting story that I had to go work out do listen to. My friend, and fellow fitness enthusiast, Amber Lee wrote a fantastic review of the app.   The standard Zombies Run app is not a training program but is a great break from just listening to music, not to mention at the end of each run you get supplies to build up your township.


Don’t forget here is Nashua we have a local and very active run club The Gate City Striders.


Disclaimer: As with all new exercise programs please check with your healthcare provider to make sure there are not any specific modification to the routine that you need to make.

Apr 272016

Are you looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, and don’t want to mortgage the house to afford it?  Have you considered the fast paced sport of Roller Derby ?  Saturday night, Dr. Johanna and I attended the season opening double header game, and had a great time.  I’ll admit it was my first roller derby match, and all I knew about derby, was that they skated around a track. While at the same time, attempting to prevent the other team, from skating around the track.  Within minutes I was enjoying the action on the rink. The rules were simple enough, and my attention was drawn in quickly.

April 23 Bout

April 23 Bout

The announcer for the game quickly and clearly explained the game to any new folks in the crowd.  Giving an entertaining and informative description of basic game play, while announcing the players from each team. She provided color commentary during the game, as well as music, and was humorous and energetic.  At half time she hosted raffles and games on the rink, including rolling wheels from skates onto a target to win prizes. Who doesn’t love audience interaction during the game?

Concessions at a sporting event are always challenging.  Standing in line for 10 minutes to buy an overpriced bag of salty snacks is no one’s idea of a good time. The coliseum has three lines for concessions, one for general snacks and drinks, one for snow cones and fried dough.  Plus a separate Beer Garden, with its own seating (also wine and cider).  So you’re not waiting behind the entire stadium to grab a quick bottle of water. Their prices were lower than I expected, with friendly staff and you’re still able to see the action of the game from all three lines (try that at Fenway Park).  Did I mention the stadium also has convenient free parking?  Because, it has free parking.

Many of players skate around the arena before and during the game.  They are more than happy to answer questions about the game, the league and to sign programs. The league is run and organized by the players, the effort that they put into the game off the rink is just as much as the effort they put into winning. That’s dedication to a sport for sure.  NHRD are members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.  WFDA’s motto is, “by the skaters, for the skaters”, which means that all members have a say in the league and help shape the future of their league.

Since the stadium is bleacher seats, folks are free to sit where they’d like to and there were kids moving around to get a better view of the action.  To say that game was kid friendly, would be an understatement.  There were dozens of kids there, playing in the bleachers, cheering on the skaters, and having fun being kids.

Roller Derby isn’t limited to New Hampshire, check out The Leagues to find a team near you.

Follow NH Roller Derby on FB for updates, games and news.

Don’t miss any of the action, here are the dates for the upcoming Bouts.  Catalyst Chiropractic will be raffling off two tickets to each of the home games.  Come into the office and ask us about it.

Tickets Available for the following dates:

10897745_892576817454182_8455390263367032487_nMay 21, 2016 4:30pm

June 25, 2016 4:30pm

August 6, 2016 4:30pm

New Hampshire Roller Derby plays at ARENA in Manchester, tickets are $10 and kids under ten get free admission.

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Apr 052016


With hopefully the final hurrah of winter, its time to plan outdoor activities for the Spring and Summer.

We have hiking and walking trails right here in Nashua.  Mines Falls, with easy parking right here in the heart of Nashua.   The Rail Trail has recently been expanded, and is accommodating to bicycles as well. and where you aware of the 2 miles trail at Roby Park right on Spit Brook Road? If you want to head farther North, there’s also Pack Monadnock and South Uncanoonuc Mountain.  Are you planning to go hiking with kids this year?  Here’s a list of Hikes for Kids, 32 mountain hikes averaging one to two miles designed for kids, or for those young at heart.  Want to take a leisurely stroll through a piece of local history?  Benson’s Animal Park closed in the 90’s, and reopened as a public park. Walking paths, a modern playground, a small pond for fishing, and tributes to the classic family fun park from days gone by.

forest-386751_1280Best Hikes with Kids: Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine has great reviews of many area hikes and how they are for children. NH has several Hike It Baby groups for moms to meet and hike together.

Don’t let disability get in the way of enjoying the outdoors, NH has wheelchair accessible trails.

In need of some inspiration? Nashua local Randy Pierce,  of 2020 Vision Quest , who has been blind since 1989, and has hiked all 48 of NH 4000+ footers in one single winter.  Randy is also powerful speaker, and avid sports fan.

Where is your favorite place to hike in New Hampshire?  Do you prefer a hike in Massachusetts or Maine?  Let us know, we’d love to find new places to explore and share with our friends.

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Mar 212016


Win a Pair of Tickets to New Hampshire Roller Derby!

Catalyst Chiropractic is proud to sponsor NHRD. The season is about to begin, and to celebrate we are raffling off two tickets to the Opening Day Double Header, April 23rd, at 4:30pm.  We’ve got four pairs of tickets to give away for four different games!

2016 April Double Header! April 23, 2016 4:30 pm

May Bout! May 21, 2016 4:30 pm

June Bout! June 25, 2016 4:30 pm

August Bout! August 6, 2016 4:30 pm

Speak with Alex about how to earn tickets for the raffle, there are many ways, and the more times you enter the more chances you have to win!  A great way to enter, is to call the office at 603-791-0222, and schedule your complementary consultation with Dr. Johanna.  That will earn you 3 raffle tickets. Already a patient? Great! Refer a friend and when they schedule their consultation, you’ll get 10 raffle tickets!  We’ll also have Trivia Questions posted in the office, and on Facebook.  Answer a question correctly, and you will win raffle tickets!

What’s the easiest way to enter?  Join our mailing list!

Learn more about this fantastic sport and NHRD .

Tickets to all games can be purchased here!

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Feb 192016

human-skeleton-163715_1280Chiropractic Care of a Pediatric Patient With Myasthenia Gravis

In December I summarized the case of a man in his 60’s suffering from myasthenia gravis.  This article focuses on the care of a 2 year old female.


Prior to chiropractic care, the 2 year old girls diagnosis of myastenia gravis was made by her pediatrician and confirmed by her medical neurologist.  6 months before starting chiropractic care the child(along with her mother) were involved in a car accident.  Approximately 1 month after the accident the girl was given the diagnosis of myastemia gravis.  Over the next 5 months the girls symptoms worsened.

A friend recommended chiropractic care as a “last resort”. During the chiropractic examination of the child the following abnormal results were found: forward head posture with head tilt, asymmetry of temperature along side the spine, edema at similar levels as asymmetry, hypertonic muscles, and fixation of articulations in the spine.  Xrays were taken, ruling out fractures, dislocations or soft tissue pathology.  Her cervial spine had a reduced curve and there was a disruption to the line of the upper sacrum.  Fusion of the sacral vertebrae begins at puberty and takes years to complete.

The girl was checked 2 or 3 times a week for the first 3 months of care and adjusted, if needed in the upper cervical(neck spine) or sacral area.  Within 4 weeksm the mother stated that the child’s eyes would open after an adjustment and stay open for 6-8 hours. As the child fatigued, the weak eye could then close.  Reoccurring ear infections had also stopped.  The next 3 months of care the girl was checked 2-4 times a month and continued to improve after each adjustment.  After 5 months of care the child was nearly at 100%.  The child could run for prolonged periods of time and hold her head upright.  Additionally her speech returned to “normal” as reported by her parents.

There is a case of a 17 year old male with a history of spinal trauma prior to being diagnosed with myastemia gravis.  The girl in the study discussed above had spinal trauma via a car accident prior to being diagnosed with anti-body-negative generalized myastemia gravis.  More research would need to be done to see if there is a link between onset of symptoms and spinal trauma.


Each week I’m going to share a new research journal article regarding chiropractic.  Many of these are case studies with benefits most people would not typically associate with chiropractic.  If you want to read the full text, feel free to swing by the office.

Information provided is for education and information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.  Consult a chiropractor or other healthcare provider regarding any opinion or recommendation with respect to your condition or symptoms.  Case studies are not designed to recommend a treatment for a condition but to state what has happened with a patient while under chiropractic care.

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Jan 222016

human-skeleton-163715_1280Resolution of Infertility, Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery in a Patient Previously Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Case Report and Selective Review of Literature

This article was published in 2012.  The selective review of the literature covers 15 peer reviewed articles regarding infertility and chiropractic.  Many different chiropractic techniques are covered in these articles.

In this specific case report, a 29 year old woman was diagnosed by her medical doctor with PCOS after 6 months of being unable to conceive.  She had no other pain or symptomatic complaints.

The exam included static EMG, paraspinal rolling thermography and heart rate variability, along with physical exams that reveled subluxations in the neck, mid-back, low back and pelvis.  The patient was adjusted using diversified technique.  After 2 months of care the patient was told by their medical doctor that they were pregnant.  According to the doctors estimations, conception likely occurred between visits 2 and 5.  At the time of writing the paper, the patient has a 10 month old daughter via an all-natural(no interventions or medications) labor and delivery.

Dr Johanna’s Comments:  Generally infertility is defined as being unable to conceive after 1 year of trying, so while this patient was unable to get pregnant after 6 months, it is not stated if they were considered to be infertile.  PCOS affects approximately 6.6% of reproductive age women and can cause irregular periods which would increase the difficulty of conceiving.  The CDC recommends that those with irregular cycles who have not conceived after 6 months to consult with an infertility specialist.

I previously summarized an article about a women with a 20 year history of no menstrual cycle starting to have a regular cycle under chiropractic care.  What is not in the literature but I’ve heard anecdotes about in offices is when the husband is infertile or has low fertility and conceives with his wife while under chiropractic care.  Infertility is a challenging problem and the treatment is often invasive and expensive.  While 15 case reports is not nearly enough to create a recommendation of care, consulting with a chiropractor to see if you have any structural shifts that could be compromising your nervous system and function may be of benefit.


Each week I’m going to share a new research journal article regarding chiropractic.  Many of these are case studies with benefits most people would not typically associate with chiropractic.  If you want to read the full text, feel free to swing by the office.

Information provided is for education and information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.  Consult a chiropractor or other healthcare provider regarding any opinion or recommendation with respect to your condition or symptoms.  Case studies are not designed to recommend a treatment for a condition but to state what has happened with a patient while under chiropractic care.