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All Out Cycle Review

Last Friday Dr. Johanna had the opportunity to experience a cycle class at All Out Cycle to benefit Girls On the Run.

(added 2/6/2018: Support Carolina’s Boston Marathon fundraising for Impact Melanoma)

The class was led by a staff trainer, Valerie, and lasted approximately 50 minutes. When I arrived, I had to register for the class, as I hadn’t done so online. I picked out my bike for the class as well. Apparently most people there liked to hide in the back. Valerie helped myself and a few others unfamiliar with the bikes, with adjusting for seat height, handle bar distance, and pedal clips. Valerie’s shoes clipped into the pedals, she attached straps to the pedals for me to strap to my sneakers. Taking the time to help with the bike set up, was a great help at putting the new experience in a new location awkwardness at ease.

As for the actual class, the lights went down, so being in the back didn’t matter. Valerie was pretty much the only one you could see. We turned on the small monitors on the bikes that synced up with Valerie’s bike, and kept track of our relative distances with each other. We went through a routine that my friend had designed, that was as close to biking a 7 mile race without leaving your spot. Valerie did a great job explaining each change of the routine along with making everyone feel comfortable. Due to a meniscus injury last year, I found position two cycling, standing on the cycle, was more difficult and opted to stay seated for most of those parts of the class. I never felt out of place or singled out for doing so. I never felt in anyway as I was failing at the exercise because I had difficulty with some of the activities. I absolutely felt challenged. The music helped get through the moments when I’d look at the timer on my bike and calculate how much longer I had.

Overall I had a great experience and will likely be back again. I recommend trying this out, a lot more fun than sitting on a bike at the gym alone and more social than playing the dragon catching game on my bikes at the YMCA. As of writing this post, there is a code to try a free class on their website.  The regular cost for the class is $17, and at that price, I’m sure I’ll be back to take the class again.

Important things to know before you go. Booking online will likely speed up your check in process. Bring a water bottle, you are going to need it. If you forget, they have bottles for sale there. Sweating happened for all of us, they have towels to grab(and hampers to ditch them in). I didn’t check out the bathroom to see if they have showers. Ask for a seat pad. I saw them innocently sitting on a bench by the door to the studio, but failed to ask for one. That would be my one regret, many of the regulars have pants designed with padding already, my natural padding was not enough.

Christine is running the Boston Marathon this April and raising money for Girls on the Run.  This class was a fundraiser to help her raise money, I’ll make sure to support Christine’s continued fundraising through fitness classes.

Do you have a fitness class you want Dr. Johanna to review? Contact the office with details.

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