Keep Calm and Get Checked

Keep Calm and Get Checked

When I wear this shirt, people ask me what it means to “get checked.”

Although you may brush and floss your teeth, it is still beneficial to get your teeth “checked” by a dentist for any underlying issues. Getting checked in this context is an important practice for maintaining and preserving your oral hygiene.

Even though you may be in good shape and exercise, it may be just as important to get your spine “checked” by a chiropractor.

Small deviations or shifts in your spine, or motion imbalances or restrictions, can not only affect your physical appearance, but can also obstruct the vital nerves that exit your spine en route to your organs.

This can lead to pain, numbness, headaches, weakness, or abnormal body function, to name a few. The structural issue in the spine causing these secondary symptoms can’t be fixed with drugs, needles, or exercise. A structural issue requires a structural solution, and fixing a spinal structural shift with corrective chiropractic care can help you to prevent disease as well as help your body to be stronger and keep you on top of your game.

Discover chiropractic and get your spine CHECKED.

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2020 Vision Quest

2020logo20/20 Vision Quest began when Randy Pierce started to go blind at 22 years old. Over a decade later he has used his experiences to create an organization dedicated to inspiring, teaching and raising awareness. With the help of his guide dog, he has hiked Mount Washington and all the peaks in New Hampshire. He has used his talent for public speaking to educate, inform and raise money for the NH Association for the Blind, as well as Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

This November, 2020 Vision Quest will host their annual fund raising dinner Peak Potential in Manchester.  Catalyst Chiropractic has donated to the silent auction a Chiroflow pillow, along with gift certificates for a complete Neurostructural Exam and Twelve visits to get a good start on Neurostructrual Integration.

Please check your calendars and register to attend Peak Potential.

From Dr. Johanna: Randy is a good friend of mine, I met him back in 1995 through mutual friends.  We’ve kept in touch over the last 20 years and he was one of the first people to welcome me back to the Nashua area.  I am inspired by all that Randy accomplishes and give to the community.

Bok Choy!

Boy Choy growingLast Sunday at the Tyngsboro Farmers Market at least two people stopped by our tent and while chatting about Neurostructural care, browsed through our copy of World’s Healthiest Foods

Both of them learned about bok choy and proceeded to head over to Kirk Farm’s tent to purchase some for themselves. Bok choy is a nutrient rich vegetable, an excellent source of Vitamin K, C, A, Potassium, Folate, Vitamin B6, Calcium, and Manganese.  Along with those nutrients bok choy has a wide range of antioxidants which means that bok choy is considered to be an anti-inflammatory food.  More from the book can be found here.

Boy choy is a great addition to stir fries and served with minimal preparation sauteed.  To prepare bok choy, rinse in cold water just prior to cutting.  After cutting, let sit for at least 5 minutes, then cook.  Avoid over cooking.

A few recipes:

Steamy Kitchens Simple Bok Choy Stir Fry

Bacon-y bok choy

Efficiency and Eating

A friend and colleague of mine, started a series of short podcasts called The Vitality Project.

This episode of the podcast discusses the need for efficiency to consistently follow a good diet. One of the benefits of having a booth at the Tyngsboro Farmers Market is that we can do most of our weekly shopping while we are there. Picking up many locally grown vegetables, along with pastured beef and pork and we just bring a cooler to store it in until we head home.

Other things my family has done to make healthy eating more efficientColorful Squash

  • Cook up extra meat than we need for the meal, and set aside the excess for easy reheating the next day.  This works especially well with ground meat.
  • Limit the number of pans, and dishes that we own and use.  We found when we had more pans, we ended up with more dishes to clean.  With less pans available it forces us to be more creative in our cooking habits and also makes our clean up faster.  The same goes for plates and bowls.  If you only have enough dishes for 1 or 2 meals, the dishes stack up less and you quickly get into a routine of doing your dishes in a more timely efficient manner.
  • After cooking any meats with bones, we store the left over bones in the freezer until we have time to make stock.  We do the same with all the vegetable trimmings.  Then when it’s cold out, we mix the bones and trimmings, with some spices and water to prepare and freeze homemade stock in 32 oz or smaller containers.  Great sizes for making small soups, adding to gravies and all sorts of culinary options.
  • Plan ahead, we have 4-5 meals that we call our Go To Meals, that we always have the ingredients for. When we have a night where we don’t have time to think about what to make, we prepare a Go To Meal.

It’s possible that you already have your own personal Go To Meals, and aren’t aware of it yet.  What meals do you prepare when you don’t have time to cook? What kitchen tricks do you use to minimize the pots and pans you’ve got simmering on the stove?  Do you have a recipe made entirely of leftovers from the night before?

Go Hiking!

WoodsLess than an hour away in Greenfield, NH are wheelchair accessible hiking trails.  You read that correctly, trails that have been carefully prepared to allow for wheelchairs to travel on them.

More details on the trails and a map can be found at Crotched Mountain.

Along with wheel chairs, these trails are great for people who want to get outside and enjoy the woods, but find that any kind of stairs or step ups are challenging or families with small children who might need a wider trail.

If you live too far away, do some searching, several areas around the United States has accessible trails.

Chiropractic and Seniors

Woman on a benchWould you believe me if I told you that chiropractic care could help you stay in your home longer?

Some of the side effects of a Neurostructural shift include early spinal degeneration and as you age it become harder for your body to adapt to an abnormal structure.    

Neurostructural Integrative care helps to improve balance and coordination.  In your spine there are mechanoreceptors that send information to your brain regarding balance.  Neurostructural Integrative care helps to normalize the neural connectivity with these structures in your spine.  With improved motion in your spine daily activities will become easier and less exhausting to accomplish.   A patient in our office informed us that recently for the first time in years she was able to unload the dishwasher from start to finish without pause, and without pain.

Do you feel you are spending less time in your garden or on the golf course? Others have reported that after starting chiropractic care they were able to return to hobbies they thought they had lost due to aging. Catalyst Chiropractic is a provider for Medicare.  More information regarding the benefit of chiropractic care for seniors can be found here. To request an appointment, call 603-791-0222.