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Championship Baseball in Nashua

For the 2017 Season, Catalyst Chiropractic is a proud sponsor of the Nashua Silver Knights.  We’ve hit a few games already this season, and we’re looking forward to hitting more.  Have you seen historic Holman Stadium?  In 2016 our family became Silver Knights fans, we got to experience the park, meet members of the team and the management.  Plus, they won the championship, an exciting end to an exciting season. Great folks all around, winner of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award, and a great night out here in Downtown Nashua.

If you’ve not been to a Silver Knights game, here are some quick tips from us.

Parking is free, and only a short walk from the main gate.  I repeat, parking is free.  You did not imagine that, parking is free.  Lets see any other major sporting venue have that as a perk. I prefer to park near the tennis courts so that my exit time is quicker at the end of the game.  

Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. If you decide at last minute to attend make sure you check what special event is going on at the park that day, because you might be able to get a discounted ticket.  Speaking of last minute, don’t worry about seats, you’ll have good seats, all the seats are good. There isn’t an overhanging roof or upper deck seats needing support columns that block your view.  This also allows for a lovely breeze on warm evenings. Every Sunday the Silver Knights accept canned goods for a local soup kitchen and you’ll get a reduced ticket price for your donation.  Monday and Wednesday night games, children get in free with a Sterling’s Kids Club card.

When you walk into the park, take a moment to read some of the many plaques about the parks history.  You may be surprised by some of the history that is here in downtown Nashua.

Have your kids check in with the Silver Knights Interns at the tent by the gate to the park, as they schedule on field games every inning on the first or third base lines.  Are You Smarter than a Silver Knight, Plinko for prizes, Shoe Toss, and even Simon Says.  The on field announcer, The Duffman, introduces the kids and gives commentary during the games.  He’s really great at getting the crowd excited and cheering the kids on.  Let’s face it, the games are fun but the real thrill for our kids is getting to walk onto the field and “be a part of the action”.

Pick up a color program at the merchandise stand as you walk in.  It is always interesting to see which college the players attend, and where they grew up.  The league has rules about what percentage of its players need to be from New England schools.  Plus its always fun to find out a kid from your home town is playing ball on the field. In the walkway heading towards the first base concessions stand, there is a plaque listing the names of Silver Knights who’ve been drafted into Major League Baseball.  15 Knights in total, 5 new ones this season alone.  That’s exciting news from a local team!

Do you like fireworks?  Well after every Friday night home game, there are fireworks.  Not a few pops that sparkle, but a full scale fireworks show.  What has more explosive excitement than fireworks?  Running the bases that’s what!  Kids get to run the bases at the end of every home game.  How cool is that?  Best way to prepare is when the Silver Knights are winning, go to the third base field entrance around the 1st out at the top of the ninth. Speaking of third base, the Knights have revamped their Third Base side Kids Area.  Tokens to play games or bounce in the bouncy houses are $1 each, or 12 for $10.  Get the kids to run off the pre game excitement so they’ll sit still for a few innings.

Cowbells!  There is a spectator in section 103 near section 104 at nearly every game.  They are selling cowbells for charity.  The cowbells are under $10 and fun to cheer on the team with.  Or in the case of small children great for teaching when to cheer and not to cheer during a baseball game (Note, not for the visiting team).  

It’s always a challenge taking two small kids to a public restroom, especially at a sporting event.  Holman Stadium has two clearly marked, accessible rest rooms right on the main concourse.  Clean, well lit, and not far from the field, so you don’t miss any of the game.

Many foul balls go out around the back of section 208 and 201.  Expect half way through the game a small collection of children will be there chasing after the balls.  Anyone who returns a foul ball to the home plate or first base concessions stand, gets either a free candy bar or a free box of popcorn.  Speaking of concessions, all of your ball park favorites are there. Fried dough, 603 Ale, sausage and pepper subs all available on the main concourse.  The Dragon Slayer Tavern does drink specials before the game, and during Thursday night home games they host “Meet the Brewer” with local breweries.  Check out the Silver Knights 2017 Mug Club offer for more exclusive deals.

Sports Stars benefit from Chiropractic Care, but care shouldn’t be just for them.  Catalyst Chiropractic sponsors the defending local champions!

You may not be trying to hit the ball over the outfield wall, but what about improving your golf swing?  Who wants to pull a muscle in the shoulder as they reel in that big bass? How about a fun day at the park with your grandkids without hesitation? Catalyst Chiropractic focuses on Neurostructural Integration. Find out if a neurostructural shift is getting in the way of enjoying fun summer activities. 

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