Efficiency and Eating

A friend and colleague of mine, started a series of short podcasts called The Vitality Project.

This episode of the podcast discusses the need for efficiency to consistently follow a good diet. One of the benefits of having a booth at the Tyngsboro Farmers Market is that we can do most of our weekly shopping while we are there. Picking up many locally grown vegetables, along with pastured beef and pork and we just bring a cooler to store it in until we head home.

Other things my family has done to make healthy eating more efficientColorful Squash

  • Cook up extra meat than we need for the meal, and set aside the excess for easy reheating the next day.  This works especially well with ground meat.
  • Limit the number of pans, and dishes that we own and use.  We found when we had more pans, we ended up with more dishes to clean.  With less pans available it forces us to be more creative in our cooking habits and also makes our clean up faster.  The same goes for plates and bowls.  If you only have enough dishes for 1 or 2 meals, the dishes stack up less and you quickly get into a routine of doing your dishes in a more timely efficient manner.
  • After cooking any meats with bones, we store the left over bones in the freezer until we have time to make stock.  We do the same with all the vegetable trimmings.  Then when it’s cold out, we mix the bones and trimmings, with some spices and water to prepare and freeze homemade stock in 32 oz or smaller containers.  Great sizes for making small soups, adding to gravies and all sorts of culinary options.
  • Plan ahead, we have 4-5 meals that we call our Go To Meals, that we always have the ingredients for. When we have a night where we don’t have time to think about what to make, we prepare a Go To Meal.

It’s possible that you already have your own personal Go To Meals, and aren’t aware of it yet.  What meals do you prepare when you don’t have time to cook? What kitchen tricks do you use to minimize the pots and pans you’ve got simmering on the stove?  Do you have a recipe made entirely of leftovers from the night before?

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