At Catalyst we respect your time. It’s extremely rare for a patient to wait more than five minutes to see Dr. Johanna.

Rather than temporarily “patch up” your pain, we look for the cause of it and create a specific care plan tailored to you. Whether the issue is carpal tunnel, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, or low back pain, we will find the cause and create a personalized plan to relieve the pain and solve the underlying cause.

We create a care plan which will accomplish the goals that are important to you. Let us know what your goals are—for example, if you’re wishing for more energy to garden or run a race, if you’d like to improve your golf game or if you’d simply like to empty the dishwasher without pain.

Our care plan includes Motion Study X-rays which help Dr. Johanna understand where spinal movement problems may be occurring and how to begin your treatment plan in the best possible way. She’s willing to answer any questions you may have, and teach you how to improve your results.

Catalyst Chiropractic care may include extremity, cranial, and pelvic specific corrections.

We are In Network with many area insurance plans.