Even in the cold winter months, drinking enough water is important.  Water is critical to many physiological processes.  Water is the primary component of that fluid which helps bring nutrients in and waste products out and makes up 75-85% of most cells.  With the dryer indoor air, reduced activity and colder temperatures, you may not feel water loss as easily, even as it happens.  Water helps with the sensation of feeling full, to help reduce excessive winter comfort food snacking.

Here are a few of my tricks for getting enough water throughout the day:

1. Find water that tastes good.

Personally most tap water tastes strongly of chlorine to me, so I have a filter that helps remove those elements from the water.

2. Find a glass, bottle, container you enjoy drinking out of.  

I found most people have a favorite glass or mug to drink from.  Make sure it’s nearby and ready.  In my case I love my 8oz mason jars, so I keep one by my water filter to fill and drink anytime I walk in the kitchen.

3. Start the day with 1-2 8oz glasses of water.

4. Use an app to log water consumption.

I love statistics and objective measures.  I use Waterlogged on my phone to make sure I’m drinking at least 80 ozs a day.  Using this has helped me see what days of the week are more challenging for water consumption.

Graph of my weekly in take







What are your tips for drinking enough water?

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