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Indoor Track

A week ago I began looking into some group classes at the local YMCA. I’m still looking for suggestions and I’ll share my experiences here.

Images of track laps, black and white with fogSo far this week I have taken advantage of the convenient indoor jogging track.  The track is on the second floor (stair or elevator access), with 3 lanes on the second floor of the building. It loops around the cardio equipment , weights, and overlooks the basketball court and pool on each side  Nine(9) laps of the track is equal to one mile.  There are signs that state which direction traffic is moving in, and the lanes are labeled depending on your speed (Walk, Jog, Run).

Good things

  • I did not experience any kind of “traffic” on the track. While others were using it, there was plenty of room for everyone. Everyone on the track respected the direction of the day.
  • There are easy to access lockers on the second floor for those that just want a place to lock a jacket while they walk.
  • Due to the layout and climate control, if you just need a walk, you don’t need to change, but I do recommend sneakers. This is a great place to just get in a mile walk for health. If you have concerns about needing a nearby bathroom when exercising, there are restrooms located on the same floor as the track.
  • This is a great alternative to a treadmill, more interesting in my opinion and better for balancing muscle use. This will help keep my running exercise plan on track over the winter.
  • Tucked to the side near the basketball court is a great small stretching area  to stretch and foam roll after a walk/run. There is a big spiderweb contraption with instructions for stretching, several floor mats and foam rollers.

For those that care, WiFi!

Other Notes

I have yet to figure out a good way, for me, to keep track of the number of laps, while running and following a run program. Today I saw an older woman carrying around a manual counter.  I’ve been using my phone stopwatch with a lap button, but I’m sure I’m missing laps as I forget to change screens.


GPS squiggles while on indoor track.
Actual distance run via counting laps: 1.89 miles

Skip using any GPS trackers, they won’t be accurate. Pokemon Go players, while you will get egg credit it will be less than you walked.

Due to the track being indoors.  I have the luxury to not worry about cars, and other road hazards.  Though, it would be nice if I could remember my headphones to listen to music while I run.



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  1. When I walk the track, I use the Pacer app on my iPhone to keep track of laps. I find each lap is about 250 steps. I also grab a pair of 1 pound Dumbbells and exercise my arms while walking.

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