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Catalyst Chiropractic of Nashua, New Hampshire asks how strong is your foundation?Welcome

We want to help make this process as easy and wonderful as it can be. If you are coming to the office for the first time, your first visit will take around thirty minutes. We will review your history, perform an evaluation and if necessary, refer you for x-rays. We will discuss with you how we can help.

How to Begin

Please call 603-791-0222 to make your new patient appointment. If you are reading this outside of our regular business hours, we set aside a limited number of spots that can be scheduled online. If you need a different time, please call. We will call you, to confirm your appointment.

Pre-Appointment Preparation

If you have any recent Xrays, MRIs or CT Scans, related to your spine, please bring those to your first appointment. We ask that you download the forms in the next section and fill them out to the best of your knowledge. The more complete your history and current condition forms, the more time will be saved during your consultation and the better we will be able to know if we can help you. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment if you have completed the form; and 30 minutes before the appointment, if you intend to complete the forms in the office. This allows us to continue to make sure all patients are seen timely. We pride ourselves in always running on time and ask your consideration with this appointment to help us continue that.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move around in to your first appointment.

Patient Forms

When you arrive at the office, please hand your completed forms to the front desk. We may have additional forms for you to complete as well. You can download the forms below.

Adult Intake Form PDF


To start, you will have a consultation with Dr. Johanna to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential treatment options. This time is to listen to you and your concerns, along with explaining what we do as a Neurostructual chiropractor and how it may relate to your current condition.


After the consult, the doctor will perform a complete Neurostructural examination. The doctor will explain various tests and welcomes your questions. Some tests we utilize are:

  • Range Of motion evaluation
  • Motion Palpation
  • Orthopedic tests
  • Specific chiropractic testing

X-Ray Studies

The most efficient way to view the structure of your spine is with x-rays. Imagine if you will, a house with uneven floor boards and cracks in the walls. If you could snap a picture and see exactly where in the foundation the building shifted or weaken, would you? We can do something similar with x-rays. Helping to pin point where specifically your spine may have shifted, along with determining if there are areas of early degeneration, similar to a dentists taking Xrays to view cavities that may be starting or hidden from view.

Follow Up Appointment

At the end of your first visit, we will schedule a follow-up visit often for the next day. We leave it to the doctor’s professional discretion regarding adjustments at the first appointment or not. During the follow up adjustment the doctor will give you a detailed report on your spine and answer questions such as:

  • Can we help you?
  • How often do you need to come in?
  • What will my care cost?

If a CD of your Xrays was dropped off at the office at least 24 hours before your follow up appointment, we will also be able to review them with you during this appointment.

Receiving Care In Our Office

At the conclusion of this second visit, you can choose to experience your first spinal adjustment. People in our office are amazed at how gentle and effective adjustments feel. Before we adjust for the first time we explain the various chiropractic specific tools and the table. We want you to be relaxed and ease the fear of the unknown.


One of the things we have heard repeatedly in practice over the last few years is how valuable our affordable care becomes to the families that use our service. We have many payment options available and accept many forms of insurance, health savings plans, flexible spending accounts, and Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX. Whether dealing with an immediate issue, wanting support in correcting an underlying spinal concern, or using our wellness service to maximize bodily performance, we have payment options that can work for you. Our helpful team will assist you with this process.


From Rt 3 North: Exit 1 in NH, take a right off the exit onto Spit Brook Rd. My building is the 2nd right, number 71. You will want to park in the back, as my door is the second door on the right after you enter the building.

From Rt 3 South: Exit 1 in NH, take a left off the exit onto Spit Brook Rd. and into the right lane, go under the highway. My building is the 2nd right, number 71. You will want to park in the back, as my door is the second door on the right after you enter the building.

From DW highway, Follow Spit Brook Rd to the highway overpass, make a U-Turn at the lights to get onto Rt 3 South, go under overpass again, and my building is the 2nd right, number 71. You will want to park in the back, as my door is the second door on the right after you enter the building