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Research: Resolution of Secondary Amenorrhea

human-skeleton-163715_1280Each week I’m going to start sharing a new research journal article regarding chiropractic.  Many of these are case studies of benefits most people would not typically associate with chiropractic.  If you want to read the full text, feel free to swing by the office.

Resolution of Secondary Amenorrhea of 20 years in a Woman Undergoing Subluxation-Based Chiropractic Care.

Along with the secondary amenorrhea, the patient had low and mid back pain, and headaches.  The patient was evaluated for structural abnormalities of the neck and low back spine, including xrays. After the second adjustment the patient experienced the start of their menstrual cycle and during the time frame reported in the study had 7 cycles during 8 months of care. Prior to chiropractic care, the patient had been under care with a medical doctor. Patient also had improvements in her pain complaints.  Other factors that could have effected the positive result were recommendations to walk daily, anti-inflammatory diet and daily spinal stretching. While the placebo effect can not be ruled out, the discussion included 3 cases of resolution of amenorrhea while under subluxation based chiropractic care.

Information provided is for education and information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.  Consult a chiropractor or other healthcare provider regarding any opinion or recommendation with respect to your condition or symptoms.  Case studies are not designed to recommend a treatment for a condition but to state what has happened with a patient while under chiropractic care.

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