Spinal Health for Preschoolers

Dr. Johanna had a great time doing a presentation at a local pre school today.  Teaching 3 year old and 5 year old children how to do a simple routine of daily spinal exercises.  The basic presentation revealed to the kids, that their backbone was in fact 24 separate bones.  Quite a surprise for the kids, Dr Johanna let them examine her model of a spine and they got to see the 24 bones for themselves.



Opening the floor to questions, the kids got to discuss what they thought was the most important organ in their body.  The brain, and how the spine connects the brain to the rest of the body.  Learning how a healthy spine can help you grow, play and learn better got the kids fired up and excited to do their spinal hygiene exercises.


Do you know any schools that would like Dr Johanna to come in, to teach kids about their spine and how it helps them grow?  Contact Catalyst Chiropractic at 603 791 0222 or drjo@catalystchironh.com to schedule her 30 minute presentation.



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