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I have been going to Catalyst Chiropractic for a few years and Dr. Johanna is extremely knowledgeable and she always attentive to any issues I bring up in addition to my normal weekly treatment (migraines, sinus issues, sleeping funky, random injuries). Alex is also very helpful if I need to reschedule, etc.

-Elyse W
Tyngsboro, MA

From the start, all interactions with Catalyst Chiropractic have been excellent. Alex is friendly and always helpful. Dr. Johanna has helped me through migraines, pregnancy, and all of the crazy that a postpartum body goes through. I highly recommend Catalyst to anyone seeking quality, thoughtful chiropractic care.

Megan H
Lowell MA

The office doesn't over-book. Dr, Johanna always answers all the questions you may have. She is a wonderful chiropractor.

-Sandra K
Nashua, NH

Johanna is an amazing chiropractor! I originally started going to Catalyst in February 2018 as another holistic approach to helping with trying to conceive. I have tried doctors, acupuncture and more for over 2 years with no success. Two months after starting my treatment with Johanna I was pregnant! I have continued to see her regularly throughout the pregnancy and I believe it has helped with all my symptoms along the way. She really listens to how you are feeling and approaches your care in the most helpful way possible. I couldn't recommend her more!

-Heather P
Nashua, NH

Doctor Jo has taken my pain from "seizing up and in tears" to "manageable with ibuprofen" on more than one occasion. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Without her, I have no idea how I'd be functioning now. For those of you with a rare illness like me (EDS) rest assured that Doctor Jo knows her stuff and will provide care tailored to your needs. She rarely does "hard adjustments" on me, and most works by getting my ligaments to wake up and stop failing to hold up their end. I am unbelievably grateful for her professional skills and her flexibility to see me when I've been in pain. You cannot do better than Catalyst Chiropractic.

Morgan Faid
Hillsboro, NH

Short Story. I messed my back up back when I was 15. I am now 52 and have been a HVAC mechanic pretty much my entire life. I have struggled thru the pain off and on until almost 2 years ago when my girlfriend recommended me to see her friend, Johanna, at Catalyst Chiropractic. I was skeptical at first as i had heard horror stories about chiropractors. Also my insurance does not cover this type of treatment. Going to my normal doctor did nothing to correct the problem, only mask it with drugs.

On my first visit, Johanna worked around my schedule to perform her initial evaluation and take X-rays. The next visit she explained to me, in terms I could understand how bad my back was and the procedures she would perform. Understanding this was not a quick fix, i started the treatment, and boy does it make a difference.

I could not be doing the job today that I now do with out the visits to Catalyst Chiropractic. Johanna made a believer out of this old man who has suffered with back pains for over 35 years.

Catalyst Chiropractic is very affordable and they will work with you to work around your schedule if needed. I am so happy that I put my doubts aside and tried this. I would highly recommend anyone with long term back pain to see her. She is conveniently located on the NH/MA border at exit 1 off of route 3. Go see her and get your life back. I got mine back thanks to Johanna at Catalyst Chiropractic.

Dale C
Merrimack, NH

Dr Jo is fantastic!! Very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people. I never would have thought that a Chiropractor could help my vertigo - but she has!! I highly recommend Catalyst Chiropractic!!

Janet V
Hillsboro, NH

Professional, friendly, and community-minded staff. Attention to each individual and are flexible and accessible.

-Eileen Cobb
Nashua, NH