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Sandra K age 59
Reason to start care: Back Problems
Health Changes: Easier to maneuver. Less pain with motion.
Sleeping Better: Yes
Less Stresed: No
More Energetic: Yes
More able to do what you want: Yes

Teresa M. age 52
Reason to start care: My other chiropractor moved to the south and I had met Dr. Johanna at an event
Health Changes: What I had a lower back pain flare up in a very short period of time more so than if I had pursued other avenues the pain was relieved. Because of the regular sessions with Dr. Johanna I feel comfortable for the most part and when I do have a little ache or pain it goes away relatively quickly with an adjustment from Dr. Johanna. She knows her stuff and is an expert.
Sleeping Better: Yes – somewhat
Less Stressed: Yes
More Energetic: Yes
More able to do what you want: Yes

Christine D. age 35
Reason to start care: Maintenance Care
Health Changes: I have a desk job, and care helps my posture and comfort. I feel comfortable knowing Dr. Johanna checks my wrists and spine for damage caused by sitting and typing all the time
More able to do what you want: Yes – easier jogging and yoga

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