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runner-805392_1280Last night as I was out on my run, I noticed several people out doing run walk intervals.  My best guess by watching is many of them are out starting a running routine. Honestly I am as well as it has been too long since I got outside and ran with any regularity.

Years ago when I first started running I wrote a blog about that experience, now I’m starting with a new perspective.  I know I can run a 10K.  I know that with training, a half marathon or more is within my reach.   All it takes is consistency and in my case, to not hide inside when the weather gets cold.

Just as I love data in my office to track the improvements of my patients.  I love to keep my run stats, that way I can see my improvements, not to mention it keeps me honest about how well I am sticking to my running schedule.  These are several of the apps that I use  or have used in the past.


Nike Plus: This is my primary run only state tracker with GPS.  I use this to track running only.  I start this app after my warm up walking.  It will run through out the an entire running session even if I am doing intervals of running and walking.  This gives me an idea of my race speed.

RunKeeper:  I love this app for all types of exercise stats.  I use this to from the start of the workout warm up to the end of the cool down.  It lets me know my total distance. I’ll use this app when going for walks and for hiking.  Several of my friends use this app as well, so it’s nice to “like” my friends workouts and encourage them.

RoadID: This is a safety app, it doesn’t keep a map or track anything once it is closed.  What it does is GPS track where I am, and send a link to my husband that is updated in real time.  I use this in case the worse happens and I’m hit by a car.  The app will alert him if I stop moving more than 5 mins and it gives him a good idea of where to start looking.  Alternatively, if I run a race it lets my friends know where I am so they can meet up and cheer me on.

CharityMiles: I recently discovered this one.  You can select a charity, and money is donated to them each time you run.  There is a similar app called Wooftrax that donates to the animal shelter that you select.

C25K Free: I like the couch to 5K training plan in this program and that I can have it in the background and it will alert me to when I need to change from running to walking.

Zombies 5K: When I first started years ago, this was the app I used.  It has longer workouts than C25K but also had an interesting story that I had to go work out do listen to. My friend, and fellow fitness enthusiast, Amber Lee wrote a fantastic review of the app.   The standard Zombies Run app is not a training program but is a great break from just listening to music, not to mention at the end of each run you get supplies to build up your township.


Don’t forget here is Nashua we have a local and very active run club The Gate City Striders.


Disclaimer: As with all new exercise programs please check with your healthcare provider to make sure there are not any specific modification to the routine that you need to make.

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