Normal StrutureLocated in Nashua New Hampshire, right on the Massachusetts border. Catalyst Chiropractic’s goal is identify for you whether your spine is normal and functioning at its best, or whether your spine’s structure and function is compromised by a neurostructural shift.  Some secondary conditions as a result of neurostructural shift include:

  • spine stiffness, discomfort or a reduced range of motion
  • impaired sleep, low energy, anxiety, or inability to focus
  • headaches, migraines, dizziness, or lack of mental clarity
  • blood pressure problems or digestive issues
  • frequent colds or flu, allergies, or other immune system problems

If you have any of these telltale secondary conditions, the underlying culprit may be a neuro structural abnormality.  While many health care disciplines (such as physical therapy, medication or symptomatic chiropractic care) can help to alleviate pain or any of the symptoms above, the primary focus of our practice is to serve those who want to correct the underlying problem that causes these secondary conditions.  We offer Neurostructural Integration programs customized to fit each of our patient’s individual needs and address each patient’s unique structural shift(s), and guidance that enables our patients to achieve and maintain correction of their specific problem.