Winter’s Final Hurrah


With hopefully the final hurrah of winter, its time to plan outdoor activities for the Spring and Summer.

We have hiking and walking trails right here in Nashua.  Mines Falls, with easy parking right here in the heart of Nashua.   The Rail Trail has recently been expanded, and is accommodating to bicycles as well. and where you aware of the 2 miles trail at Roby Park right on Spit Brook Road? If you want to head farther North, there’s also Pack Monadnock and South Uncanoonuc Mountain.  Are you planning to go hiking with kids this year?  Here’s a list of Hikes for Kids, 32 mountain hikes averaging one to two miles designed for kids, or for those young at heart.  Want to take a leisurely stroll through a piece of local history?  Benson’s Animal Park closed in the 90’s, and reopened as a public park. Walking paths, a modern playground, a small pond for fishing, and tributes to the classic family fun park from days gone by.

forest-386751_1280Best Hikes with Kids: Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine has great reviews of many area hikes and how they are for children. NH has several Hike It Baby groups for moms to meet and hike together.

Don’t let disability get in the way of enjoying the outdoors, NH has wheelchair accessible trails.

In need of some inspiration? Nashua local Randy Pierce,  of 2020 Vision Quest , who has been blind since 1989, and has hiked all 48 of NH 4000+ footers in one single winter.  Randy is also powerful speaker, and avid sports fan.

Where is your favorite place to hike in New Hampshire?  Do you prefer a hike in Massachusetts or Maine?  Let us know, we’d love to find new places to explore and share with our friends.

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